Another poem

hands tremble and shake

I wonder if it is too late

to turn back the hands of time

press the rewind

to a time when my mind was mine

I liked it just fine

fine until it betrayed me

once it decided I could no longer just be

when being me means being mean

confusion sets in and it is all you see

once you get a label

society sees you as unable

I am still here

despite their fear

if I can only steer clear

my true voice, they will hear

remove the layers

peel back the skin

look within

it’s still me

fighting for a chance to be seen

they will not listen to what you know

they don’t realize they are shallow

put a label on it, give the proper dosage

mask the soul within

make sure she doesn’t sin

I will not have it

this is my life to live

no more drugs

breathe life into the lungs


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