Feeling confident
Why, I’m not sure yet
Things are changing
My life is rearranging
The things that matter appear
The things that don’t disappear
What it will mean has yet to be seen
It’s like a dream
Everything is not what it seems
My life was turned upside down
I wore on my face a frown
Now I’m smiling all day
All I want is to play
My new world will bring me joy
It’s not a ploy
I deserve something new
I’m no longer blue


Take the Leap

Ready to take a leap
No more fear of going too deep
I’m ready to reap
No longer ready to weep
My tears are gone
Replaced by a song
Just go along
Take the ride
Don’t feed the fear, don’t hide
It penetrates
Deep inside
Rocks me to my core
Leaves me wanting more
What I want, I’m still not sure
I contemplate
Then I sit and wait
Wait for a sign
Something must align
It is my time
Time for action
Leaping forward, no longer just a reaction
My heart is ready
I feel steady
It is time for a new chapter
We’ll reassess after


Trying to find my way
It’s not the way they say
My sky has been gray
I’m struggling to find answers
Taking turns and swerves
I don’t know what to do
What is right for me might not be right for you
I need to know
Which way to go
Where do I find what I’m looking for?
It has been kicked around on the floor
My dreams and hopes are not turning true
It is making me feel blue
What is true?
Are my thoughts betraying me?
Or are they as they should be?
Why do I have so much frustration?
Before this there was so much elation
I must find my way
It will make my day


My face feels strained
It is a smile that has been trained
I put it out there as a distraction
It acts as attraction
People are drawn to it
They don’t know what to do with it
Should she be happy?
Her life seems so crappy
Who is to say?
Why do some people get to play?
Her sky should be gray
She has been through a lot
But we’re all she’s got
Give her a hand
Show her this new land
She has fresh eyes
That haven’t been realized
Her vision is pure
Though she is unsure
Her smile hides her fear
But her mission is clear
Show the world your face
Claim your rightful place


Jealousy and envy
Sometimes it is all we see
Wishing to be anyone but me
They have more
I want to soar
I want people who adore
Objects galore
That’s what we yearn for
But, it will not bring what we seek
We will become meek
Unsure of what we’re searching for
All we want is more
More things and rings
Until our heart sings
But it never answers the questions
It forgets to mention
All the pain and grief
Things and money do not answer
They are just a detour
Answers come from searching deep
From taking a leap

Everything is Okay

They look at you with questioning eyes
Trying to surmise – what happened?
Is she okay? Will she ever be the same?
The answer is no. This is a new game.
It is okay to change, to transform
That is the new norm
I feel like a new person
Looking out at the sun
Ready to have fun
To live a life filled with joy
I will once again dance
I’ve been given another chance
A chance to be me
To be the person I want to be
I want the world to see
It feels good to be free
Free from the prison where I was trapped
No more of that
I raise my arms to the sky
No longer ask why
I know why I’m here
I’m here to help eliminate the fear
The fear of the unknown
The other end of the phone
The messages we try to escape
They are what is great


The air feels cold on my face
A reminder that this is my place
My senses awaken
My core is shaken
I’m alive and well
No longer a shell
My soul returns
Gone are the burns
I’m ready to emerge
My body feels the surge
Thoughts and emotions
Return with the same notions
My face tells a story
It is far from boring
I’ve been through a lot
But this is what I got
Lessons have been learned
My heart has yearned
My body and soul ached
More than I thought I could take
But I learned patience and grace
I found my place
I am home now, I am here
I am ready to take on another year
This time I will feel what is real
I will rise to the occasion and I will heal