Something Great

Something great is at stake
Anticipating, it’s not too late
I’ve waited for so long
It is right, it can’t be wrong
I’m going after what I want
Mistakes they will not haunt
It’s something big, it’s a lot
I’m giving it all I’ve got
I pray that things will work in my favor
If not this one, another flavor
Either way I’m here to stay
I’ll choose my path as I may


New beginnings

New beginnings begin
New endings end
There is no better time
So just get in line
This is how it is meant to be
Can’t you see?
There is nothing more
Pull your heart off the floor
It’s time to explore
All those negative emotions
They cause a commotion
But they are temporary
No need for them to be so scary
Find the good feelings
They’ll do the healing
Something great is about to happen
Feel it and know it
It’s your time to show it


Wondering and waiting
Always anticipating
Something good is about to happen
Getting prepared
As if I’ve been dared
It’s time for something good
I know it, I should
I’ve been through enough
It’s no bluff
I’m ready to go
In my heart I know
It’s time for something more
That is for sure

Scared & Scarred

Scared and scarred
I try so hard
It’s as if I’ve been barred
Happiness is elusive
My mind is abusive
I am ready for things to work out
So much I want to shout
I’m ready can’t you see
I’m ready to enjoy being me
I want to be free
Free from pain
There is no gain
It’s such a shame
Am I to blame?
Give me what I need
I need to succeed
I’ve fallen and lost my way
It’s as if I have no say
No say in how I play
I’m short a few necessities
It’s hard to put me at ease
It’s even hard for me to be pleased


Trying to find the light
Seems like an endless fight
No longer sure what is right
I want to take flight
I try and try
But I can’t fly
I don’t know why
I am be confused
Too tired, worn, and abused
I’m not amused
I want it all
But I’m afraid I might fall
Is it success I fear?
Or is there someone whispering in my ear
What do I want
It’s a thought that haunts
I don’t know where to go
And so, I have nothing to show
Like a raven in the snow
If it stuck out I would know
I’m having a slow go
If I knew what I wanted I would know


Stomach turning
Insides churning
My heart is burning
I feel guilt and shame
I am to blame
I’ve made decisions
I’ve come to false conclusions
I have delusions
My mind chose wrong
It won’t stop playing the same song
Can’t turn back time
No pressing rewind
It’s all in your mind
No one else cares
They don’t see the glares
You’re the only one who stares
Dwelling on problems
You’ll never solve them
We all make mistakes
They aren’t the highest of stakes
It’s okay to admit it
Just don’t get stuck with it


My heart is buzzing
My pulse is racing
I am pacing
I’ve discovered my heart
Wish I had from the start
My heart is opening
Wounds are exposing
My vulnerability
It hides behind my availability
No longer can it be ignored
It doesn’t matter who has scored
It’s my chance at a dance
One final romance