It’s Real

I can feel it, it’s real
It gives me a chill
I’ve waited so long
My senses long gone
It’s at my finger tips
I can touch it before it slips
I can feel the words on my lips
I got it, it’s mine
I’ll no longer whine
My cries are distant memories
My screams reflected agonies
Now they’ll be replaced by laughter
That’s what I’m after
I’ll smile each day
Wish the bad feelings away
My sky is no longer gray
It’s something new, a new way
It’s time to play


New Chapter

I can feel it
It’s near
Something I hold dear
I’ve waited so long
My heart sang the song
My fears are long gone
It’s time for something good
I know it’s time, I should
I’ve waited and waited
My feelings medicated
I feel them now
My heart goes pow
I’m ready
I feel so much more steady
Time for a new chapter
I’ll look at this after
I’ll know
It was a period to grow
I have so much to show

It’s near

I know it’s right
I can feel it in my sight
I’ll try with all my might
It’s here, so clear
My future is so near
I will hold it dear
I’ll do my best
Won’t second guess
No more mess
It’s time for something better
I’ve stood here through stormy weather
I know it is my time
The results will be sublime

It’s time

It’s time for something new

No longer feeling blue

I’m ready for a change

A chance to rearrange

Letting go of the rage

Escaping the cage

Let go of the chains

There is so much to gain

I’ll never be the same

It’s no longer a game

This is my life

I’ve been through hell, so much strife

Something more is in store

I can feel it in my bones

Ignore the drones

It’s my chance to shine

I can’t hit rewind

I’m going in blind

With faith alone I will go

No more stalling, no more no