A Poem

darkness creeps into my eyes

battling the light for what’s wise

scared to keep them closed

not seeing life – more like the emperor’s new clothes

naked and exposed, waiting to be hosed

looking for a punishment for a crime I did not commit

I’m confused and sick

looking around for a cure, hoping I’m not next to get a prick

injecting fluids against my will

making my soul feel ill

for my right to be free someone had to kill

now I’m standing numb, no freedom here

crying and hoping someone will hear or feel

feel my pain, inside my brain

nothing here for me to gain

freedom is free to be

I look around and all I see

people held against their will, just like me

the brain is a mystery

no one understands it fully

drugs play with my brain chemistry

is it worth it for a chance to see differently?

I just want to be