Pine Trees

Howling through the trees

Like a disease

Taking over

Every part of me

Reminding me I’m not alone

This is my home



Crossed lines


Death and decay

Free to play

Here I lay

Now, today

I feel you

In the trees

The whispering pines

You are here

The sound – so clear

Never erased

This is your place

Howling through the trees

As you please







Made to feel like a child

Sorry I’m not more wild

No patience for my moments

Yet for you I’m supposed to not show it

The anger and annoyance

It’s happened more than once

You can act however you do

But when I do, I’m treated like I’m two

Exceptions made

Regrets laid

I am supposed to be rational


See the glass as half full

Not the same rule

Physical pain

Emotional pain

Not the same?

The rules don’t seem to apply

But I’m not understanding why

I have to do as I say

You can do whatever you may

You have your issues

I have mine

But I’m not allowed to whine

How we live


My dear

What is it you hear?

The end is near

Don’t listen to the thoughts

Realize what we’ve got

Hide away in my arms

Let the world disappear

Like falling bombs

The sounds of gongs


Silence inside our home

We’re all alone




And being

This is all there is

This is how we live


Brain scattered

Mind shattered

Thoughts fleeting

Chance meeting



Self – neglected


Past pain – resumed

Trying to refocus

Cast a spell – hocus pocus

Fuck a career

It’s like living a life in fear

Unsure of tomorrow

Causes too much sorrow

Can’t seem to play along

Singing myself a pity song

Thought things would change

New place, same inner rage

Hiding in my cubicle

Picking at my cuticle

Counting down the hours

Losing my powers

Who am I?

Who am I?

What matters?

What makes me cry?

I have to ask why

Why have I walked this path?

It must add up

Life is perfect math

The roads I’ve walked

The talks I’ve talked

The movements I’ve made

The plans I’ve laid

The madness I’ve endured

The words that I’ve heard

It all adds up to me

Now how do I proceed?

Escape the 9-5

Feel like I’m alive

Fulfill my life’s mission

Follow through with my vision

Help guide others along

Show them their heart

So they can sing their song

Such a lofty goal – can’t be wrong


Lying down in the bed

Thoughts leave my head

No worries, no fear

Just being held tight and near

No words escape my lips

Just feeling your hands on my hips

You breathe in and out

I try to figure out what you’re all about

Your blue eyes meet mine

A reflection so sublime

I dream of you all day

Until I return home, and we can lay

Embracing, fingers interlacing

My heart is racing


Moving on

Sadness gone

Done with the label

Some sort of fable

I’ll never know what it was

Psychosis, violence, an endless buzz

It’s in the past

It didn’t last

A month of confusion

Delusion, obtrusion

A long road to recovery

A period of discovery

I understand my mind

So much anger and trauma, left behind

Entering a new phase

The last year, a bit of a daze

One foot in front of the other

Taking care of myself

Like I’m my own mother